Main research fields

Control theory

We develop new algorithms for the robust control of complex dynamical systems, particularly those exhibiting discontinuities, nonlinearities, constraints, scarce measurements, cross-coupling, etc.

Control of renewable energy systems

We develop new algorithms for the control of renewable energy systems. We are particularly interested in the alleviation of mechanical loads in wind turbines and in the integration of renewable energies to the grid.

Control of biological processes and systems

Some of the main difficulties in the control of biological systems are the nonlinearities and uncertainties in their dynamic behavior, as well as the lack of on-line and accurate measurements. We develop robust observers and controllers in an effort to overcome these problems.

Control of autonomous systems

In the last years, we have opened a new research line on control and guidance of autonomous systems, either marine, terrestrial or aerial. One-side or high-order sliding mode algorithms have been mainly explored.