Sliding mode control of wind energy systems with DOIG-power efficiency and torsional dynamics optimization

TítuloSliding mode control of wind energy systems with DOIG-power efficiency and torsional dynamics optimization
Tipo de PublicaciónJournal Article
Año de Publicación2000
AutoresDe Battista H, Puleston PF, Mantz RJ, Christiansen CF
JournalPower Systems, IEEE Transactions on
Fecha de publicaciónMay
Palabras claveasynchronous generators, combined sliding surface, conversion efficiency maximization, double output induction generators, drive train components, electrical variables uncertainties, Fluctuations, Induction generators, large torque ripple, machine control, mechanical system, Mechanical systems, oscillation mode excitation, oscillations, Poles and towers, power efficiency, power generation control, Power quality, power quality problems, power supply quality, random wind fluctuations, resultant sliding dynamics, Sliding mode control, Torque, torque oscillation smoothing, torsion, torsional dynamics optimization, tower shadow, uncertainties robustness, variable speed, variable speed gear, variable structure systems, Wind energy, wind energy systems, wind shear, Wind speed, wind turbines

Wind turbines with double output induction generators can operate at variable speed permitting conversion efficiency maximization over a wide range of wind velocities. However, random wind fluctuations, wind shear and tower shadow, may excite the oscillation mode of the mechanical system, producing large torque ripple. Consequently, damage to drive train components and power quality problems may occur. In this paper, a sliding mode control is developed which provides a suitable compromise between conversion efficiency and torque oscillation smoothing. The resultant sliding dynamics is completely robust to uncertainties in the electrical variables and parameters. In addition, to prevent windup problems due to saturation, a combined sliding surface that incorporates such limitations is proposed

Líneas de investigación: 
Control of renewable energy systems
Control of wind turbines and their integration to the grid
Control de turbinas eólicas y su integración a la red