Dynamical variable structure controller for power regulation of wind energy conversion systems

TítuloDynamical variable structure controller for power regulation of wind energy conversion systems
Tipo de PublicaciónJournal Article
Año de Publicación2004
AutoresDe Battista H, Mantz RJ
JournalEnergy Conversion, IEEE Transactions on
Fecha de publicaciónDec
Palabras clave65, Aerodynamics, Control systems, dynamical variable structure controller, electric grid disturbance, Electric variables control, Induction generators, Mesh generation, nonminimum phase dynamic, parametric uncertainty, Power control, Power generation, power generation control, power regulation, power supply quality, power system dynamic stability, power system interconnection, speed curve, turbine power, variable structure systems, Wind energy, wind energy conversion system, Wind energy generation, wind power, Wind speed, wind turbines

The paper addresses the problem of output power regulation of fixed-pitch variable-speed wind energy conversion systems. Operation is constrained by practical reasons to the low-speed side of the turbine power-speed curve. Unfortunately, this region is characterized by a nonminimum phase dynamics which is an obstacle to perform the regulation task. A dynamical variable structure controller is developed that accomplishes the control objective despite this limitation. The proposed control strategy presents attractive features such as robustness to parametric uncertainties of the turbine and generator as well as to electric grid disturbances.

Líneas de investigación: 
Control of renewable energy systems
Control of wind turbines and their integration to the grid
Control de turbinas eólicas y su integración a la red