Hydrogen production from idle generation capacity of wind turbines

TítuloHydrogen production from idle generation capacity of wind turbines
Tipo de PublicaciónJournal Article
Año de Publicación2008
AutoresMantz RJ, De Battista H
JournalInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy
Páginas4291 - 4300
Palabras claveHydrogen production

This paper is concerned with the hydrogen production from wind energy. It is motivated by the new regulations for wind farms that compel them to operate normally with idle generation capacity. The idea is to use the excess wind power to produce hydrogen. The operation of a proposed system configuration, which essentially consists in incorporating an electrolyzer between the electronic converters of a conventional wind turbine, is analyzed. In particular, the control requirements to simultaneously achieve the grid and electrolyzer specifications are investigated. In this context, a control strategy for the different operating modes of the system is developed.

Líneas de investigación: 
Control of renewable energy systems
Control of hybrid renewable systems and their integration to the grid