The ARG algorithm: clinical trials in Argentina

TítuloThe ARG algorithm: clinical trials in Argentina
Tipo de PublicaciónBook Chapter
Año de Publicación2019
AutoresColmegna P, Garelli F, De Battista H, Bianchi FD, Sánchez-Peña R
Título del libroThe Artificial Pancreas: current situation and future directions
PublisherAcademic Press

The objective of this work is to present a brief review of the control design problem for glucose regulation in T1DM. In particular, control-oriented models, and robust and time-varying controllers will be mentioned. Characteristics of diabetes in general and T1DM in particular in the context of Latin America will be described. Finally, the Automatic Regulation of Glucose (ARG) algorithm will be presented, including in silico and clinical results.

Líneas de investigación: 
Artificial pancreas
Páncreas artificial