Comments on "variable-structure PID control to prevent integrator windup"

TitleComments on "variable-structure PID control to prevent integrator windup"
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsMantz RJ, De Battista H
JournalIndustrial Electronics, IEEE Transactions on
Date PublishedJune
KeywordsAntiwindup, antiwindup features, Control nonlinearities, Control systems, controllers, Degradation, Furnaces, integrator windup protection, Internet, linear systems, Nonlinear control systems, performance limitations, PID control, Proportional control, proportional-integral-derivative controller, three-term control, variable structure systems, variable-structure systems, Windup

In the paper by Hodel and Hall, the authors introduce a variable-structure proportional-integral-derivative controller with antiwindup features and compare it with other simple antiwindup methods. It is pointed out here that the conclusions reached from the comparative example are incorrect as the performance of the controllers is not appropriately compared.

Research Line: 
TeorĂ­a de Control
Control theory
Control of multivariable constrained systems
Control de sistemas multivariables con restricciones