Fernando Inthamoussou

Fernando Inthamoussou was born in San Gregorio, Santa Fé, Argentina, in 1984. He received the B.S.E.E. degree in 2009 and the PhD degree in 2014, both from La Plata National University, Argentina. Currently he is a Professor at the Faculty of Engineering of La Plata National University and Assistant Researcher of the National Research Council of Argentina (CONICET). His main research interests are in nonlinear control of renewable energy systems, including robust, LPV, and sliding mode control..

Teaching position Professor
Research Category Assistant Researcher (CONICET)
email intha@ing.unlp.edu.ar
CV (Spanish) CV_Inthamoussou_ES.pdf
Education Electronic Engineer - PhD in Engineering
Fields of interest Automatic Control; Renewable energy
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Selected Conference Papers

Levieux LI, Ocampo-Martínez C, Inthamoussou FA, De Battista H.  2018.  Power Schedule for a Hydro-Wind System Based on a Predictive Algorithm. 2018 Argentine Conference on Automatic Control (AADECA).
Inthamoussou FA, De Battista H, Cendoya M.  2010.  Low-cost sliding-mode power controller of a stand-alone photovoltaic module. 2010 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology.

Book Chapters

Inthamoussou FA, Bianchi FD, De Battista H, Mantz RJ.  2014.  Gain Scheduled Hinf Control of Wind Turbines for the Entire Operating Range. Wind Turbine Control and Monitoring. :71–95.

Journal Articles

Ibáñez B, Inthamoussou FA, De Battista H.  2023.  Active Power Control on wind turbines: impact on mechanical loads. IEEE Latin America Transactions. 21:984–990.
Nuñez S, Inthamoussou FA, Valenciaga F, De Battista H, Garelli F.  2021.  Potentials of constrained sliding mode control as an intervention guide to manage COVID19 spread. Biomedical Signal Processing and Control. 67:102557.
Inthamoussou FA, Valenciaga F, Nuñez S, Garelli F.  2021.  Extended SEIR Model for Health Policies Assessment Against the COVID-19 Pandemic: the Case of Argentina. Journal of Healthcare Informatics Research.
Inthamoussou FA, Valenciaga F.  2021.  A fast and robust closed-loop photovoltaic MPPT approach based on sliding mode techniques. Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments. 47:101499.
Ibáñez B, Inthamoussou FA, De Battista H.  2020.  Wind turbine load analysis of a full range LPV controller. Renewable Energy.
Levieux LI, Ocampo-Martínez C, Inthamoussou FA, De Battista H.  2020.  Predictive management approach for the coordination of wind and water-based power supplies. Energy. :119535.
Levieux LI, Inthamoussou FA, De Battista H.  2019.  Power dispatch assessment of a wind farm and a hydropower plant: A case study in Argentina. Energy Conversion and Management. 180:391-400.
Valenciaga F, Inthamoussou FA.  2018.  A novel PV-MPPT method based on a second order sliding mode gradient observer. Energy Conversion and Management. 176:422-430.
Inthamoussou FA, De Battista H, Mantz RJ.  2016.  LPV-based active power control of wind turbines covering the complete wind speed range. Renewable Energy. 99:996-1007.
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Inthamoussou FA, De Battista H, Mantz RJ.  2012.  New concept in maximum power tracking for the control of a photovoltaic/hydrogen system. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. 37:14951-14958.
Inthamoussou FA, Mantz RJ, De Battista H.  2012.  Flexible power control of fuel cells using sliding mode techniques. Journal of Power Sources. 205:281-289.