Wind turbine load analysis of a full range LPV controller

TítuloWind turbine load analysis of a full range LPV controller
Tipo de PublicaciónJournal Article
Año de Publicación2020
AutoresIbáñez B, Inthamoussou FA, De Battista H
JournalRenewable Energy
Palabras claveFatigue analysis, Mechanical loads, Wind turbine

A wind turbine load analysis featuring both fatigue and extreme loads for a full range Linear Parameter Varying (LPV) controller is presented in this paper. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) 5 MW reference wind turbine is simulated with realistic profiles of turbulent wind, according to the IEC 61400-1 regulation, using several NREL's tools, with a total of 354 numerical simulations. Classical techniques has been applied, like the Rain-flow counting (RFC) algorithm, and the Palmgren-Miner Rule with Goodman's correction to estimate the wind turbine components damage rate. The mechanical loads under consideration are the tower and blades main moments. The results show a lifetime equivalent load reduction with the LPV controller in comparison with the classical Gain Scheduling Proportional Integral (GSPI), for all analyzed loads, similar to those achieved by other publications in the literature. This improvement is achieved using the same online measurements and information as the used by the GSPI controller.

Líneas de investigación: 
Control de sistemas de conversión de energías renovables
Control of renewable energy systems
Control of wind turbines and their integration to the grid
Control de turbinas eólicas y su integración a la red